Collectors Choice Exhibition- Matthews Gallery- Santa Fe

This is it! Matthews Gallery fans on various social media platforms have voted, and we’re almost ready to unveil the 10 artworks they selected for our COLLECTOR’S CHOICE show.

There’s just one wise group of people we need to consult first: YOU. Check out the first 5 match-ups here, and browse the last 5 duels below. After you’ve taken a good, long look, vote in the comments to decide on the winning work once and for all! The show begins Friday, January 31st.


Pablo Picasso vs Pierre-Auguste Renoir- Collectors Choice Show- Matthews Gallery

Clash of the titan artists! Masked monsters by Picasso or an elegant nude by Renoir? Vote in the comments to pick which piece will appear in  COLLECTOR’S CHOICE.


Michael von Helms- Collectors Choice Show- Matthews Gallery

Only one of these Michael von Helms paintings will make it into the exhibition. #1 is “Good and Plenty“, a small, elegantly composed canvas. #2 is “Untitled (Stormy Weather II)“, a large canvas featuring a tumultuous tangle of vibrant abstract forms. Let us know which one should win.


Charles Partridge Adams vs Jean-Pierre Jouffroy- Collectors Choice Show- Matthews Gallery

Decide which landscape will grace our walls: a traditional watercolor by Charles Partridge Adams (#1) or a semi-abstract oil by Jean-Pierre Jouffroy (#2). Vote now!


Frank Morbillo- Collectors Choice Show- Matthews Gallery

Are you a fan of  undulating horizontal lines or towering vertical stacks? It’s time to decide which Frank Morbillo sculpture will appear in our show! 


Mikhail Bogatyrev vs Marc Chagall- Collectors Choice Show- Matthews Gallery

Matthews Gallery visitors often gush about this oil painting by Mikhail Bogatyrev (#1), but they’re equally as fond of our poster by Marc Chagall (#2). Vote in the comments, and the winner will appear in COLLECTOR’S CHOICE.

Visit Matthews Gallery or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks to check out the winners starting Friday, January 31st!