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Terry Craig, A Wing and a Prayer, Mixed Media

The Edible Art Tour is over, but you can still see Terry’s new work at Matthews Gallery!
Check out photos from ArtFeast and learn more about Terry on our website.

When it comes to food, texture is just as important as taste. You don’t want Jell-O that crosses your tongue like mashed potatoes, or steak with the crunch of popcorn.

For artist Terry Craig, texture is also tantamount. Early in his career, he was inspired by the densely layered mixed media work of Italian artist Antoni Tapies. After years of experimenting with different materials, he came up with a special recipe of marble dust, powdered pigment and other ingredients that lend his works their rough beauty.

“Bits and pieces of the work fall off, and you can scrape into it and you get all sorts of… wonderful organic qualities,” Terry says.  “That’s something that’s been in the work me from the very beginning.”

This Friday from 5-8 pm, you can experience five new, delightfully textured paintings by Terry Craig and the delicious tastes and textures of Museum Hill Cafe at Matthews Gallery during ArtFeast’s Edible Art Tour. Over 40 galleries will host Santa Fe’s top restaurants for the charity walk, which benefits art programs in Santa Fe Public Schools.

Preview Terry Craig’s new work below, and learn more about our Edible Art Tour event (featuring our FOLIO works on paper show) here.

Terry Craig- Umbra- Matthews Gallery Blog

Terry Craig, Umbra, Mixed Media

Terry Craig- The Deep End- Matthews Gallery Blog

Terry Craig, The Deep End, Mixed Media

Terry Craig- Night at the Lake- Matthews Gallery Blog

Terry Craig, Night at the Lake, Mixed Media

Terry Craig - Estuary - Matthews Gallery Blog

Terry Craig, Estuary, Mixed Media

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